Design and construction of underground systems to irrigate and distribute livestock and biomass sewage sludge.

Systems can be designed with high-quality hoses and pipes made up of electrowelded AD polyethylene (complying with the UNI EN 12201-2 standard) or of PVC in 6 ml. bars (complying with the UNI EN ISO 1452 standard ) with stainless steel / galvanized fittings.

Our Company makes its long-standing experience in the field of “turnkey” design and construction of underground systems for irrigation and distribution of livestock and biomass sewage sludge available to its own customers. Our underground irrigation systems can be perfectly integrated with irrigation machines and pumps / motor pumps. Our Company has been constructing such systems for almost 30 years: our thirty-year experience – with more than 230,000 meters of pipes laid down – guarantees an exclusive reliability in this specific field of liquid distribution.

The design is carried out after having thoroughly analyzed our customer’s needs. We use a state-of-the art CAD system which simulates the future required deliveries and carefully optimizes any load losses inside the piping. The outlet hydrants may be outfitted with gate valve with stainless steel lens or hydrant heads made up of high-quality aluminum alloy or cast iron.                         
The job order may comprise just the design and supply of the material or a “turnkey” construction. The correct laying criteria, the strict observance to the relevant standards and regulations and the professionalism of RM personnel complete the executions of works at their best.

The thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements and the following quotation are completely free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Underground system for pressurized liquid distribution through piping and fittings in welded polyethylene (PEAD). Underground system for pressurized liquid distribution through galvanized steel (or stainless steel) fittings and PVC pipes and hoses.

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